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Spark Ebook

Spark Ebook

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Phe lives a dual life. Everyone knows Phe as the sickly best friend of Her Grace, Kyra Theonora, the last Water Nymph duty bound by a familial oath to protect the island country of Xafara.

Only a select group of people are aware of Phe’s shadow side. Trained by General Bastion to be an assassin and Kyra’s secret weapon.

Everything changes when Kyra is abducted, exposing Phe’s cover and acting as a catalyst to Phe’s own bound magic, thrusting Phe into a world she’d thought a fantasy. As Phe maneuvers the unfamiliar landscape of magic, grappling with one obstacle after another, she tries to figure out how to save her best friend.

Will she survive this new magical world? Will she rescue Kyra? Will she sacrifice herself in the process? Spark is the first book in a new adult fantasy series featuring action packed scenes, compelling characters, and a strong heroine.

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